How to find IP Address of Router or Extender

Find IP Address of Router or Extender:

IP Address of Router may differ with a few numbers depending on models. Only exact IP Address will help to maintain or setup your device. Here in this article we are explaining in detail to find and then utilize IP Address of Router.

Connect to Router or Extender

You must be connected to Router in order to find the IP Address of Router.
There are two ways to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Connect to the Wi-Fi

In this method you must be connected to the router IP by Wi-Fi.
You must know the password for your router to connect to it.
Find the Router Network and try to connect.
Once connected, follow the next step.


Connect through the Ethernet cable

Connect one end of Ethernet cable to the isolated port of your Router/Extender.
Connect other end of the Ethernet cable to your computer.

Now by Wi-Fi or by internet cable you are connected to your Wi-Fi range extender.

NOTE: Only one connection is sufficient, either by wifi or by wire.

Get Router IP

Open CMD to find IP Address of WiFi Range Extender
IP Address of Router if Extender
  • Click on start menu of your computer.
  • Type CMD.
  • You will now see Command Prompt (CMD) app.
  • Right click on it and select “run as administrator” .




Router IP


  • Now type – IP config
    (finding Router IP Address)
  • Hit enter.
  • Under the command text fine – Default Gateway
    That will Look Like 192.168.x.x and it is the IP Address of your Router or Extender.
  • More about Default Gateway.


Locating Default Gateway (IP Address of Router / Extender) on a Mac Computer

On  a Windows computer, basically Windows 10, follow following steps to find default gateway

  • Under main menu click system preferences.
  • Now click network.
  • Now select the network you want to connect.
  • Click Advanced option and select TCP/IP.
  • Now copy your default gateway that is also called IP Address of Router or Extender.

Utilize Router IP Address

To use IP Address of Router,

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