Netgear Router or Extender not broadcasting WiFi

Are you not able to see your WiFi Network?

There could be some reasons for this. Please read and understand article to fix this no WiFi broadcasting issue from Netgear router or extender.

Software Update required.

no wifi broadcast netgear extender update
  1. Connect to the Netgear Router / Extender with an Ethernet cable,
  2. Open
  3. Explore User Interface of Netgear and try to find option to Update Firmware.
  4. Do nor remove cable untill the process finishes.
  5. For more details on firmware updates follow
    How to update Netgear Route Firmware.
    How to update Netgear Extender Firmware.

Internal Interference

Electric Appliances fix for no wifi broadcast netgear

Some electric appliances can damage Netgear Wi-Fi broadcasting.

  • Look for any kind of electric appliance like microwave are refrigerator should not be placed next to your Netgear router or extender
  • Also go through the Netgear router by visiting
    Try to switch to different channels.
    Full guide on how to find the best channel for your netgear extender.
    List of Electric Appliances that can block your WiFi.

Power Cycle your whole network.

Router Powercycle to fix netgear not broadcasting wireless signal.

Is recommended to power cycle your network where Netgear is not broadcasting Wi-Fi.

  1. Turn off your extender.
  2. Turn off your router.
  3. Turn off your modem.
  4. Turn off all the devices connected to your router or to your extender or even to your modem. Anything connected wireless or hardwired.
  5.  Now turn on all the devices one by one starting from modem then router 10 extended and then your computer. Finally turn on your smart devices.
  6. See detailed article on How to correctly Power cycle Home or Office Network to get 100% results.

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