WiFi Range Extender Loosing Connection

Why does My WiFi Range Extender loosing connection

There are lot of issues that can create WiFi Range Extender loosing connection problem. Before we move further to the troubleshooting steps, please check basic two points.

  1. Always use the cable that came with the WiFi Range Extender. Wrong cable can always make your WiFi Range Extent Loosing Connection issues.
  2. Check is Router and Extender are not that far away from each other. Before we move to the next point it is must that we confirm the distance.

How to check Accurate Distance ?

  • Stand where the extender is placed.
  • Open your phone and check wifi signals for the router.
  • More than 30% signal strength is required. Only one bar is not sufficient. If range is low you may need to shift extender or may need a new extender.

Advanced Troubleshooting: WiFi Range Extender Loosing Connection:

After you’ve completed above steps, now its the time to head towards software troubleshooting for WiFi Range Extender Loosing Connection.

  • Open Extender’s User Interface by visiting mywifiext.
  • It will prompt you for username and password. Please enter. You can also use your email as username if it accepts.
  • If in case you are not able to login. Scroll down this page and you will find a heading to reset range extender. Follow Steps.
  • Check for the default username and passwords for routers and extenders.
    Most NETGEAR Devices:

    • Username for Netgear Products : admin
    • Password for new devices            : password
    • Password for Old devices             :1234
  • NOTE: You can also have a look at the bottom sticker to find the login details.
  • If you have a firmware update you will se a notification on top of this page. Please follow instructions to update firmware.
    WiFi Range Extender Loosing Connecion
  • Also try to manual check for the firmware update from the feature inside.
    Range Extender Loosing Connecion Mnual Uppdate
  • After firmware is complete from mywifiext,turn of your extender for one minute and turn back on.

This will hopefully fix the problem. If not, you will have to reset the Extender to work on WiFi Range Extender Loosing Connection issue.

How to Reset Range Extender:

  • Turn  on Extender.
  • Find a pin hole at any side or bottom of extender.
  • Insert a paper clip or pin and press.
  • You will feel a click and keep holding for 30 seconds.
  • Wait for all the lights tome come.
  • For more detailed guidelines, click on How to reset Netgear WiFi Range Extender.

NOTE: You can also use these steps is order to open and update router firmware.

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